Friday, May 27, 2011

Clayton & Penns Cave

These pictures really do not do the cave justice....however, thought

I'd share em with you.

So, I try and take my kids on "dates" ----- just mommy and me thing ----

Clayton especially seems to keep track of the fact that "its been awhile

since we went on a date!"

I've never been to Penns Cave -- growing up in Ohio -- and living here for 18 years....

wow....never been to Penns Cave. So, thought this would be

something neat to do with Clayton.

Clayton is at the foot of the entrance for our boat tour....

I think I could spend my summer in the cave...stays in the 50's.

What is neat about this cave is that you do get to sit, be lazy, and

ride a boat for the tour.

Clayton ended up with some old fashioned salt water

taffy for on the way home....along with a few other things.

I think he really liked his date.....he has never been

to a cave and thought this was really neat....God's creations

are gorgeous

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