Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our December.................

December is here, and with it brings busyness along with

many wonderful family moments....if you take the time

out of your schedule to enjoy them.

We are doing an advent calendar this year that has

coupons in it.....different activities for each day.

Above is one of the activities....enjoy Red Velvet Hot

Chocolate with Cream Cheese Whipped Topping.

The elf came to our house this year. He

has been popping up in different places throughout this


Above: My new decorations I made....
I've been busy making a lot of things this year...
Christmas cards, snowballs, Christmas
Journal, paper mache houses, etc.
Maybe I will get them posted sometime.....

My SIL's and I had our annual cookie bake....
we made around 267 dozen cookies -
Anyone know exactly how many cookies that is?

Alyssa was determined to get herself a real
Christmas tree for her hous....she is all bunded up in snow gear
---I think she thinks it is cold outside!

Mifflinburg Christkindle Market.....we went the first evening....
lots of FOOD!!!!!!

And then another Advent activity....they made "snowflakes"

for lunch. Just tortilla shells (the kids cut them)

we fry and load em with powdered sugar....they

love em.

I have determined this Christmas season to make sure I

take time with my family and enjoy....

it is just too easy to get stressed during the holidays.

So far.....I think I'm doing okay.

From our Home to Yours We Wish You All A

Blessed Christmas and A Christ Filled

New Year!

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