Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Life -- Jan 2013

 New Boots
 Organized fridge.....Used plastic placemats from Target...cut to cleanup.
Red baskets from dollar bins ar Target.
 My Hunter
 First attempt at B aklava....Soooooooooo  good. Will have to
share receipe sometime when wrist is better.
 Need  to move to warmer place!

 We butchered this past n dad came in....wrappin the scrapple n cracklins
My poooooooor wrist.....feel on ice. 
Doc says its crushed like an this friday...
putting a plate in.


Carole said...

I know it has been a long, long time since we corresponded, but I am so sorry to hear of your arm! What happened? Praying for a quick and painless recovery!

Stahl Family said...

Feel on the ice......crushed like an with a metal plate n I am in a cast for a month......grr.......not good for a scrapbooker! you on facebook?