Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February with the Stahls

I really love Valentines Day.....maybe its the pink and all the hearts.
Heart maple pancakes and heart ice cubes for breakfast.........
Yummy brownie pushups and other goodies later

 Lyssa had a birthday this month. can't believe she
is 20!  She had a list of funny animated movies she wanted, as
well as candles.  Had a nice breakfast out with her, shopped, dirt dessert was her "cake" request.  Her daddy then sent flowers to her work on her actual birthday.
 -- she also purchased a new / used car, we went shopping with her to pick something. She went with a Volkswagon.  I know its the coarse of life but I sure do miss havin her at home.
 Hit the sales and got all this for less than $13 after Valentines Day...Target 90% off!!!
Love stocking up like that for the next year.

 Game night
 Our hams, ham loaf and bacon arrived we had ours and my mom n dads...so lots to wrap.   needless to say with my bum arm. I didn't do a whole
lot....we even had Reuben, Claytons buddy help out!!
 Evening entertainment -- wrestle -- seems this has become
an evening ritual.  Clayton can only torment our dog for so long....he needs
a wrestling buddy by the end of the day.
 Had surgery...metal plate and screws.  I have graduated to a pale blue hard cast now!
I would have showed the pics of my arm when they took the staples out (which I was thrilled they did
as the things were very bothersome)  however, Shalene said I looked like Frankenstein
so I didn't want to gross anyone out.
 Been organizing my craft room.
 Baking cookies.
My felt owl family.....just love em.

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