Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Fun & Creations

 Well, I LOVE Pinterest!!!!  And I have had some fun creating some stuff this summer.
Here is my front door wreath.....Used foam boards and cardboard to make the S.
Then covered with moss ribbon and sheets of moss.

 Garden has been going crazy with this rain....just hope things don't get too
much. (though its been REALLY hot here the past several days)

 Sue & I had a PJ crop!!! Yep, she came over on Friday.....we cropped till
2 am. Got back up at 7 and cropped till 4.....what fun
 I have been wanting to find an old manual typewriter for awhile now.
I plan to use it in my scrapbooking - to journal with.
I have shopped around on ebay and such but never wanted to spend the money and shipping
was high due to weight.  Well....a nice surprise awaited me at the farmers market one day.
It was like I found a hidden treasure among the veggies and fruits.
Clayton hasn't even used an electric typewriter so the manual one has
fascinated him.  I just love it -- my son loves old treasures just as I do.

 Yes, I HAD to get myself some new blue jars

 Couple of the banners I created -- ideas are from Pinterest....I just LOVE that site.

 Kids have picked a lot of black raspberries this summer......oh so good.

 Our 4th of July was spent at Poe Valley Park.  As you can see by the shoes sprawled all over,
they took off in a hurry as soon as we arrived.  Lots of good food, fishing in the boat, swimming for the boys, paddle boats, biking, more food, water hole......what great fun.

 Found some cute flip flops for only $5....couldn't pass the pink
ones by!
 Thank the Lord for a generator when the electric is out for over
a day.....whew.....
 Fresh blueberries - Enough said
My two kids went off without me to Romania!!!!
Working with the missionary there having a youth camp....visiting the orphans and
serving Jesus.  This is the same place we had gone to as a family several years back and the
kids were so excited to go.  The group was to consist of the older teens from the youth
group (Others went to Belize) but at the end there was a cancelation and
they fit Clayton it...what a blessing for him to get the opportunity.  They are
there right now and will come back July prayers appreciated.

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