Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Summer 2013

 Well, I am trying to catch up a little and I am way behind on this blog. 
We had a nice FAMILY summer......Spent some time in South Carolina
with my parents....went and saw "Karen Peck & New River" sing.
 We then hit the beach for several days....Poor Steve ended up with a horrible sunburn and
missed a couple days of work because it hurt so bad.  We did FINALLY find our
own sand dollar....and walked a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way
to the Kindred Spirit mailbox on the post prayer
requests in a notebook.

 Once back home from being lazy the garden was waiting for me!!!!
Thank the Lord for such a wonderful crop...whew, I filled a lot of jars
but is it ever oh so tasty!

 We were able to get a camping trip in as well.....a group of around
50 of us all gathered and had a great & lazy time.

 Senior Pictures -- Hard to believe Shalene is a Senior, but yeppers, its
 Clayton was able to purchase a bow!! He is so thrilled, has spent
a lot of time in the woods this year, he did get a deer.  Below you will see
that Shalene tried shooting the bow....this was her first time....she learned from that one.

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