Sunday, March 16, 2008

NYC Trip

These pics are a little out of order. For example, lol, I put the pics of us traveling home up last, which means they show up first on the blog, so sorry :)
OK, to you this may look like a picture that we took with the lights on- WRONG!!! It was sorta like a flash war, it was almost pitch black in that coach on the way home, and some of the guys got this BRIGHT idea. So they turned on the flash on their cameras and started takin pictures. I had to join in. We had no idea what we were takin a picture of, we were just tryin to blind the other person.Sorry, Jared, I couldn't resist putting this picture up.
After 15-16 hours, this is what we looked like on the way home. lol. I don't think Benji ever did finish that sub.

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