Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Well, I had tons of pics of the fashion show but I'm only gonna share two -- Notice the picture above: Terri is wearing a "ball gown" with a "plunrging neckline" and "spaghetti staps" she also has a "pill bottle hat" and "14 carrot gold bracelet". The top picture Tammy wears a "newsprint vest" and a "100 % cotton skirt". There were many others that were VERY funny. Sorry that these pictures are so blurry.
Tammy and Terri, the ladies above, are the owners of the LSS and are Wonderful women to work for. I could never ask for a better job or better ladies to work for. They truly put others before themselves and go out of the way for others. It has been an honor to work for these women.
And to all my fellow scrappers -- I hope to post of few of my pages that I did this past weekend along with a bit of blog candy in the near future so keeping checking in.
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