Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Retreat Friends

Here is a picture of the ladies working. Now this retreat started Friday at 5:00 and ended Sunday at 2:00. We had WONDERFUL meals provided and many snacks(each brought a snack to share so 30 plus ladies make for a lot of good snacks). Many stayed up until 2:00 or 4:00 a.m. and woke early - 6:00 or so - to get back at it. We had our fashion show on Sat. evening (pictures below) and a church service Sunday morning, but other than that (well we did take time out to eat the wonderful food, and I am not exaggerating on that) we scrapped the rest of the time.
Tammy along with Terri's daughter keeping the store in working order. This was great, while scrapping we could go over and get our matching cardstock or embellishment if we needed something. This is Amy and below is Andrea and Carole - these ladies shared the same table that I worked at. So I was able to hear many stories of these ladies and their families.
I was able to see many I knew from the store but then I met many new ladies as well. There is just something about scrapbooking. Each one was working on their own project / family memories, but we all had something in common - which gave us something to visit about. We were able to share our lives by showing pictures of our family to those we just met. It kindda makes you feel like you have a Huge scrapbook family.

*********Now, I realize that some of you are sick of my Scrapbook Retreat and seeing the pictures...sorry to you....HOWEVER, there are may of my scrapaholic friends that wanted me to post this information so for those ladies I am sharing my trip.
I do want to thank my wonderful hubby who gave me this trip as my birthday gift. It was an awesome trip and I would love to do it again!!!
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