Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Day, Another Room Painted

OK, Our downstairs bathroom has been lavender for a good long time. Didn't think to take pics before I took the border down and all the decorations.....However, it was a Victorian type look and the border was floral with some burgandy flowers. Well, not sure if you can tell the difference in the colors BUT.....

We now have a gold and black bathroom. The walls are painted a color called - Macadamia!! I still need to get the throw rugs and commod cover - gonna be black. And I need to get some decorations for the shelves but other than that I have changed the bathroom in one day!!!! Now I'm really tierd. The shelves are some that I've had around for a good while (bought from Penn View's auction) and the fancy towels I picked up at Boscov's on the clearance rack for around 4.00. The paint came from my parents, leftovers from there painting project (although I had to buy a pint extra) and the soap dispensers and all are from Walmart (they are a cream/gold antique look. Pictures aren't the best. Now the reason for telling you all this is that I've done this room completely over at a VERY reasonable price.
Next project: I hope the foyer -- aqua and brown.
(Posted by Amy)