Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Eye Update

Well, Steve had his eye appointment on Tuesday and it seemed to be a little encouraging. The one drops he had been taking seemed to have worked. He had to use drops that kept his eye dilated - this helped and he was told that he no longer had to take those drops that he would continue taking the second set of drops for another 3 weeks and hope that it took care of all the bad bacteria and all would be ok. If at that time it wasn't clear they would do some blood work and see what was causing the problem.
Well, today he started having blurred vision in the opposite eye that was being treated. So the doctor's office had him come in ASAP. He has the virus in that eye now!!! So he has to dilate that eye for a week. Now, the first eye is still dilated (takes a week to get back to normal) so he is really having a hard time focusing- since he now has 2 eyes dialated!!! The light really bothers him and he wears sunglasses most of the time. The doctor wasn't in this afternoon so Steve saw an assistant. But she mentioned that they may start some blood work earlier than the 3 weeks to see what virus/infection he may have that is causing all these problems. So we are asking for continued prayer. Thus far, Steve has only missed 2 days of work...However, with both eyes giving him problems I think its gonna be a bit too hard for him to keep up the pace. But most importantly - we ask that you pray that the Lord would give him a physical touch and if God sees fit a healing. Thanks for your prayers.
(posted by Amy)

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