Monday, June 9, 2008

Courtney and Jonathan

ok, so my cuz Courtney got married to Jonathan Lara on Saturday. Mom was the... coordinator, so i spent my weekend decorating, watching them at rehearsals and then more decorating. um, so this is a long post. sorry, too many pics
all of those lazy people!! jk, they deserved a rest.
weston thinks that the arch leans a little to the right lol there really was somthing wrong with that thing, it wouldnt stay where we put it

im sorry Jared, i just had to put this pic up :) i dont have any other ones with u in it
lol rehearsal
Courtney's bouquet
hahahahaha jonathan looks like hes really scared that mom is gonna poke him
Kayla was the maid-of-honor

just before they walked into the sanctuary
i seriously cant remember these kids names! oops :

Morgan and i passed out bubbles when everyone went out the door. idk who these girls were, but after i helped them with their bubbles, they kept coming back
Clayton at the reception.
instead of the little bride and groom on top of the cake, they had this glass heart with their names inside.

Courtney is ready to throw the bouquet. Ready, Set....
Throw!!! lol
i luv this pic! haha
this is just some of the guests, most had left or were inside in the air conditioning. the reception was in the mountain so it was really pretty, but very hot.

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