Tuesday, June 3, 2008

South Carolina

Hey!!! we haven't posted for a while, so this one is really long. We went to my Papal and Grammal's last weekend, or... yeah, whatever. We left on thursday and got back on monday so i guess that counts as last weekend lol. Anyway, they moved to South Carolina in December so this was our first time to visit them there.
(this should be below the pic of the tea, but notice the drink Clayton has in his hand)

OK, when traveling, you must take drinks. This just happens to be a family favorite. I'm not really sure why we like it so much, theres nothing really special about it... we just really like it lol
Please forgive her, she was a little tired of traveling and we had only been on the road for like 5 hours.
So we got there late on Thursday night, well like 3 Friday morning. And we woke up really late, around 10:00. So, we were going to a farmers game later that day, but we had a lot of time before we had to leave. So we dug out the fishing poles, and the weird colored worms and ~tried to~ fished.
He doesn't really look too happy to have his picture taken. (haha I'm gonna feel bad for this but... his play tennis shoes are the higher topped boot sorta things, and he didn't have room in the suitcase for his old ones, so he wore his shorts with the high topped boot thingies and i really didn't like it lol)
They have these two VERY big dogs, the one on the left is a poodle. I don't like poodles that much, but this is a nice dog. And the one on the right is an Airedale. She is huge! In this pic she doesn't look very big, must be the way she is standing.
Can u tell what these are??? Around the pond there are millions of baby frogs, and then in the water there are a million more tadpoles.
Shalene with a baby frog, you cant really tell what it is but...
I luv this pic, idk why, I just do lol
At the baseball game.
This pic is totally out of order, sorry. But this is Papal and Mamal's new house.
We all look a little sweaty. lol
A pic from the other side of our row.

There were these ummm.... what r they called?? uh, um, well... yeah, these... things were stranded all over the beach from the early tide and this crab decided to make a meal of it. o, o, o, r they jellyfish?!? hahaha I don't know lol
o, and we got to see a shark!! i was out in the water with dad a ways out, we were still standing, just jumping the waves and letting them carry us back... and dad all the sudden just stops and says somthin about seeing a fin. I didn't want to be like, 'O whatever' and there really be something out there, so we went in quite a ways. When dad told mom shes like ok, sure and everybody kept playing in the water. A little while later, I was up on the beach getting a drink and i look over and everybody is splashing up out of the water... it was sorta funny, they were all splashing really fast.... but they weren't really going anywhere lol somehow i figured out that they had seen a shark. so there we are, all standing on the beach while this little 5 or 6 foot shark ruins our swimming time. It got as close as it could and then it just swam back and forth. After a while everybody got back in the water but I didn't really like the feeling of being out there and knowing that there could be a shark swimmin right by my legs.
The Dixie Stampede. We went here on saturday after the beach (when i was a LITTLE sore from the beach!!!) but it was alot of fun. Mom and Dad had to get on the little stick horseys and run around the barrels lol it was funny... really really funny :) hahahaha


Anonymous said...

im still sore and thats the horrible picture mom took of me!!!!
here is a very funny story!!!! my sister and a grandma went into a restrant and there was this guy who was none stop at talking, and when my grandma told us the story when she got back to the van, my grandpa who likes to play and joke with us said she liked him!! she said she was staring at a board thingy!!!!!! do you believe what she said?
Shalene Stahl

Anonymous said...

here is another story.
we were at a show of Dolly Parton and i had to sit by this kid who like to talk,( or so it seemed) any who my grandpa said that i liked him and i told him that there was know way i liked him!!!

lol we had so much fun!
you should see my sister!! she is still red as a um beat no thats not it, she is redder then a beat!!
she is going to kill me for this, but she was grouchy most of the trip!!!!!!!!!:)

Anonymous said...

There are 2 very sad boys in North and South Carolina. Something about a short summer romance,and loosing true love?????? Wonder what they meant?