Tuesday, July 29, 2008

17th Anniversary

July 27th was our 17th anniversary!! We had decided awhile back that we would not get gifts for each other but instead use the money to work on finishing our garage. However, Steve decided to suprise me. He said he finally remembered in advance to buy something instead of remembering the day of........well, I guess that may be a guy thing. And yes, he did suprise me!! He got the stuff while I was away on the Florida Missions trip.....went in to the Gingerbread House in Lewisburg......Even had it wrapped really pretty.....Clayton claims that he helped with the shopping too. Anyway, as many of you know I collect teapots/teacups/sets and so Steve found me a cute white one person/two cup tea pot along with some really neat tea.
The teapot has a small hole in the top where the cute pyramid teabags with a leaf top can stick out.

Tea forte' tea -- 20 silken infusers --These are dessert teas, a decadent collection of chocolate, fruit, and sweet spice teas. See the little leaves on the pyramid....that is the top of the tea that sticks out of the top of my teapot -- really cute. I already tried the coco truffle tea--a smooth choclaty delight--YUM. Other flavors are Belgian mint, respberry Nectar, orchid Vanilla and Vienna cinnamon. Looking forward to trying all of these out.
(Posted by Amy)


beutifulfamily said...

Congrats! Nice of Steve to surprise you! Cute pictures too...

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Y'all look so Happy!
would love to see ya! have a good day! renae:-)