Sunday, August 3, 2008

Scrapbook Convention!!!

This post is for my email buddy, Carole, I know she wants to hit a convention and so I must tell her: GO, GO, GO -- it was awesome. ALL those women who love doing the same thing you enjoy. This picture doesn't do justice to the huge room with around 100 vendors......I can't say how much fun this was...and only a true scrapper could understand this.

Andrea with one of the things she was working on in our hotel room.
Terri, Tammy & I in a class. Some of the classes had 150 ladies in em.

So it finally came!! Scrapbook Convention!! I've been waiting so long for this trip to come...and I had a blast. The two owners of the store I work at Tammy & Terri went along with myself and another girl who teachers classes at the store, Andrea. I didn't get very many pics of the trip just because I was so very busy having fun....we all had some classes together but most of the time we were at different classes. I attended 10 all together and had some time to shop at all the stores. I'd say there was at least 1,000 - 2,000 ladies over the time of the convention. But I never did hear any totals. Anyway, I did get to do some shopping but I was so busy with classes that I didn't have much time. I would stick my lunch in my bag and shop while I ate just because I wanted to have some shopping time.......this was a scrappers paradise!! We had classes from around 8:30 till 7:30 the one evening.....they all varied. So we would go to the King of Prussia mall in the evening for supper, and talk about some awesome food....we may have starved during the day so we could shop but we ate good in the evening. I had a blast with these 3 ladies - they seem to understand my "addiction" ! and they are all so kind, thoughtful and put others before themselves. Thanks ladies for asking me to go with you....I want to go again!!!
Carole - I'll try to get some pics of the classes/projects/albums that I did while away and post soon.
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