Thursday, July 17, 2008

????Camping Out????

Last night Clayton & Shalene decided that they wanted to camp out......on the porch. They talked Alyssa into joining them and so beds were made. Now I'm not a person who enjoys camping (I think I camped too many times when younger-or maybe its the 9 months I stayed in an itty bitty camper while building our house--whatever the reason it isn't my thing) and then to top it all off on a hard cement porch floor!!! UGH
Note: Alyssa's stipulation--if she camped out she got the swing!! Can't say I blame her.

Well Shalene didn't end up staying out the entire night-----she came in and slept on the sofa. They used a bottle of off spray so I don't think there is too many bug bites to show for the camping out. It was a great night to be out though-the moon was full and bright and really pretty.

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