Thursday, July 17, 2008

Welcome to Pastor & Mrs. Maloyed

Today a few of the church family gathered at the parsonage in Beavertown for a day of cleaning and making repairs on the parsonage. Our asst. pastor will be moving into his own home and our new youth pastor will be staying here. So all curtains were cleaned, windows & blinds washed and basically a spring scrub down. Along with painting, plumbing and some small repairs. Above pic is of some of the kids who wrote on the windows to welcome the Maloyeds (hope I'm spelling the last name correct). They arrived around 6:30 or so this evening - we weren't all out of the house yet but things were smelling new!!
Megan, Marie & Valerie getting the curtains back in place. Alyssa & Phoebe were working on windows in another room. There were other ladies working earlier in the day but we didn't get pictures of all of those who helped out. Doug helped out with curtains as well -- I tried to get a pic of him looking a bit flustered with getting the curtain on the rod correctly but the pic didn't turn out very well!!
Steve did a lot of the repairs - painting, plumbing and will be putting some flooring down tomorrow. Dave helped with some of the lighting and Todd and Doug did some odds and ends as well. Matt & Christina Maloyed - welcome to the church family!!!

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