Tuesday, July 1, 2008


ok, so its been a while since i posted. So this is an update on dads eye. lol
~in important voice~
My father :) still has the virus that is causing him all these eye problems. they dont know what virus it is... but he still has it. They are now doing Xrays on his back and chest, blood work and some sort of other test(idk a prick test or somethin?) to figure it out. Ok, im done now, i dont have anything else to say.

Amy says:
Steve goes to the doctor again on the 15th. He is to continue the eye drops, but is allowed to stop doing the drops that keeps his eyes dilated. However, he does still have blurring in the first eye that had problems and may always have that problem. Not sure if we have to wait for all the tests results (they are trying to determine what virus or problem he has that is causing the eye problems) till the appointment or if they will call us before that. Please continue to pray for God's healing and that Steve won't lose his sight.

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