Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Youth Trip VBS

Every evening the youth did a VBS program, crafts and snacks. Many Bible skits and games with lots of fun. Our theme was Western so the kids could earn a bandanna, cowboy/girl hat etc. for learning there verse. Sofia helping with the crafts. There were 4 girls that took charge of crafts with some helpers and they did a wonderful job.
The last evening we had a pinata for the kids, here they are grabbing the candy after they worked hard at breaking the pinata.
They had a continued story each evening about a Western village and the sheriff.
And of coarse each evening we had to have a special visitor come out to talk to the VBS kids.
Mary was in charge of VBS and she did a wonderful job. The VBS children really loved her.

Alyssa helping with crafts.

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