Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Miami, Florida Youth Missions Trip

These pictures are a bit out of order!!! Sorry!! Tyler helping out in the kitchen. He offered to help with this job!!
Shanda, Megan and Amy at work in the kitchen.
Lewis Ray was our driver. Here he is taking a break with a bag of chips.
Amy and Mary were lucky and were able to fly to Miami - this way we could get organized and things set up before the youth came. However, we faced a few problems.
Mary had to be searched for a looooooooong time due to many various metal objects. When we arrived in Miami Tim & Lizzie picked us up....we planned to do a lot of the grocery shopping that evening but due to VERY confusing road signs and traffic along with streets closed we didn't arrive to Sam's club until 8:30-closing time. So we went to Walmart to purchase items for breakfast. HOWEVER, 73% of those living in Miami speak Spanish and a lot of those do not know English so we had a VERY difficult time communicating even at the grocery.
Alyssa and Megan went to Sam's with me (Amy) now we had to do some more shopping the following day but here is the load we had while at Sam's. This is Megan peaking above the groceries.
A little crowded on the way home. Took out some seats in the van and Megan ended up sitting on the floor due to all the items.
(Posted by Amy)

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Anonymous said...

hey! looks like y'all had a great time!! wish i could have been there! i am happy for all those that were able to go. i'm sure mary had a great time and loved it! hope Steve gets better! tell him hey and lots of love. :-)