Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hanging out your dirty laundry

I don't often post my inner thoughts/opinion on matters but for the past year or so my thoughts have been on this topic and I've decided to share a bit of my "theology" There are so many ways in life to hang out your dirty laundry.....or I could translate laundry as meaning your life or what you do. And really, I don't like people seeing my "dirty laundry"

So in looking deep within myself and seeing that I have come short in this matter I want to make a statement. I'm gonna do my best in life not to pick on others for their "dirty laundry" and I pray that you all will try not to look at mine. Enjoy life and keep Christ first...I guess we all have our own dirty laundry (some more than others!!! and I'm one at the top of the having more!!)

But I want to share a bit of my thought process and I hope I don't offend anyone.........lets do our best not to pick on others but to build each other up. If we don't help each other out as Christians and build each other up then who will??? Don't look at the little bit of dirty laundry(that in your opinion you think someone has), look at all the clean laundry all stacked nice in the drawers and closets. Nice and clean and all organized.

I'd love to hear anyones opinion about this matter. Your welcome to post as a comment or send me an email..
(posted by Amy)

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