Wednesday, August 20, 2008

House Full

Well, school is about to start so we decided that we would go out with a bang!! WOW, a house full. So the girls invited friends over.....and Clayton along with Ryan decided to hang out and pull some pranks. Below are a few pics. We will post more later. Phoebe, Alyssa & monkey ---------------- can you tell which one is which? Giggle, snort!
Since the girls had friends to hang out with at night, Clayton and mom decided to make a tent in moms room and sleep in there. Poor dad, he said that Clayton kicks too much so he went to Claytons room ALL BY HIMSELF.
Shalene, Rachael & Susie -- camped out in the living room.

The girls all did a few crafts -- they embellished notebooks and a few other things for school.

Clayton & Ryan - dressed to sneek up on the girls while they were outside. Shalene & her buddies were gonna sleep out on the deck under the screened in gazebo but they only were out a short time till they decided it was too cold.

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