Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day

hmmmm..... (Its Amy - I'm typing in orange -- this little guy is concentrating on his driving skills, he had to take this around a few times!!)

the tilt-a-whirl :) (the girls really liked this ride as well, I went with em the first time around then watched as they took a couple more rides!

Amy again - the bumper cars are one of my most favorite things to do....I get to laughing so hard my head hurts......Don't know why but I so love raming unsuspecting people.Funnel cakes --- Gotta have those!!!Clayton was frustrated that he couldn't drive the bumper cars so he went to the little guys section and gave it a try.....they didn't go as fast but he still enjoyed it!

lunch time

this is one of my favorite rides. i can say that name of it but i hav no idea how to spell it so umm yeah (Amy here, this ride was unreal.....we had ridden it before but I don't remember getting off of it feeling like I was dumped in the washer!!! WOW, you ride the "boat" and go up like a roller coaster - curve around and DROP!!!!! When you get to the bottom this HUGE monstrous wave encases your boat almost as if you are in a tunnel.....then, it feels like they have put ice cubes in the water because its a hot day and then this huge tunnel of ice water drops on you...takes your breath away. WOW....And when the kids stood up on the deck to watch the next boat take the plunge the one worker told them to hang onto the railing.......they said they could feel themselves being shoved by the pressure of the water. Alyssa decided that if she was wet she may as well do it again so she talked her dad into going again. Below if you look close you will notice that they are a little wet -- giggle, snort)
aftr you get off the ride you can stand on this bridge and wait for the next boat thing to come. you get more wet standing up there than u did on the and i went on the LOOPER lol we couldnt undrstand the guy that says what ur supposd to do, so we didnt do it right... wasnt too much fun. so we went on it latr and listened when the guy explained it to someone in front of us. i must say, rides are alot more fun if you actually do what its meant to do. (Me again - this ride reminded me of a hamster cage and the wheel that the hamster would run in.....two of you, Alyssa & I since no one else would go with her, were in the one wheel, and you totally would spin and spin and spin some more!!! )

clayton observing^^^ haha We had a couple invitations to go places but we had decided to go to Knobels soo.... but thanks to everyone that invited us to do stuff with them :)
Me again, a special thanks to those of you who invited us to enjoy the day with you, but after a family vote, we had decided that we wanted to do something with just us...And since we hadn't done anything like this through the summer we ended up here. We had a wonderful day and I must admit that I believe we wore the kids out -- it was a very quiet ride home!! Hope you all had a wonderful day.

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Kara Plank said...

Looks like you had fun!!!