Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Above is a scrapbook kit that I had bought from The Button Farm
while at the CKH Convention...I finished it and love it.

Now for the HELP problem....
Steve and I have been praying about starting a new business....a scrapbook kit business online. (Kindda like what you see in the picture above, book and small project kits) We have done some research and such and are trying to come up with a name for the business. I need help, so if ALL of you who visit this site help me out and vote on one of the suggestions below or give me a new idea that would be great. I'll go till around Sept 2oth and then make another voting list of all of my favorites. And if your idea happens to be THE winner, I will gladly send you a prize package!!!

NOW, I have some ideas - HOWEVER, some of the names are already being used. For instance when I search online they are taken so before you suggest something keep in mind that it is an online business.

Here are some of my ideas (trust me this is just some of the ideas)

* October Afternoon - I really liked this but when typed into the search engine it is used in the
.com AND it is a scrapbook site maybe I could do October Afternoon
Scrap Kits or something along that line
*timelessmoments - again this is taken however I could use
http://www.timelessmomentsscrapbooking.com/ but that seems so long to type
this is one we really liked also - do you think its too long?
*A blink in time - not taken on .org and another favorite
*Captured Moments - taken on .org
*Moments in time -- taken on .org
*pink polka dots - again taken on .org

So you see my problem-- I've come up with cute names for a business but to do it online it is making things harder.......so, please help. I like the idea of time, and how fast things go so we need to make the best of it and enjoy our family. My colors are gonna be pink & white so I thought of using pink in the title. I do have my slogan picked out and tons of ideas.

So, Vote or give me an idea. Make sure you leave your name so I know if you are the one to come up with something that really hits me. I will then pick a couple of my favorites (unless one of just really tickles me and I gotta have it) and have a final vote. IF you happen to be the one who came up with the winner I'll send you some goodies. NOW, I know you all aren't scrapbookers so if you happen to be one of "those" people I'll make up a different goodie bag, BUT for those of you who are scrappers I have some cute stuff: A kit from CKU Convention to put together by Quick Quotes , an acrylic album and some other goodies. SO start posting comments to this post. I will Appreciate it so very much. You can post as many ideas as you can come up with!!!

Wed. Sept 10th
Here are a few others that came to mind:
Sugar & Spice or Sugar and Spice (neither are taken!!! WOW)
Etched in Time
Pink Icing -- taken so I'd have to go with pinkicingscrapbooks.com or something
Pink Pebbles - not taken

OK, tomorrow (Thursday) I will try to post pics of the prizes I have for those of you who help me out!! Oh and I had a question asked about what types of kits.....I'm basically sticking with album kits or small project kits and they wouldn't be a monthly thing -- I would do a sample and have directions and colored pictures in the kit, so basically you would copy the pages and have a finished project.....however, I am not limiting myself to just this, I may "grow" and do monthly kits as well. This does seem to be a big thing to do.
Any and all ideas will be very appreciated.


Fultz Family said...

How's our friends from the mid-state? Just happened upon the blog. You can take a peak at what is happening with us by reading our blog. Don't know about the name. I'll have to think about it. Mark

mama2ryleigh said...

How interesting! I've always thought it would be fun to own a kit club. What kind of club will it be? A page/album kit club? A kit club that mixes & matches all the latest & greatest? Will you design your own papers & stamps? Will you have a website with a gallery & message board? Sounds like a lot of fun!

Here are a couple of my ideas (and if I think of more I'll add those, too):

Pink Pickle (pinkpicklekits.com)

Eye Candy Kits (eyecandykits.com)
(This actually used to be a GREAT kit club that I used to subscribe to, but they are no longer in business)

mama2ryleigh said...

Oh, here's another one:

A Kit in Time

Stahl Family said...

I'm thinking I'll do something more along the line of small themed albums and maybe layout kits as well. But yes, using the latest & greatest in these albums. Did you check thebuttonfarm. com? Its basically doing something like that. She makes up the samples and then sells kits to make the item....sending in the kit colored pictures and directions to make that project. She has albums and then smaller projects like a small clipboard and such.
Love your ideas, thanks for your help!!!

beutifulfamily said...

Moments of Time

Times Together

Moments Together


Stahl Family said...

Claytons idea:
Rocks in My Shoes

Kimba said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! It's nice to meet you.

I noticed in your profile that your kids are attending the PA cyber charter school. My 4 year old just started their pre-K program and it's really exciting. We haven't decided what we'll do when it's time for kindergarten but this is a great way to test the waters.


Anonymous said...

Frost it Pink

Pink Frosting

~Sarah R

Anonymous said...

Autumn Harvest

Anonymous said...

How about
Pink October Afternoon.com
Pink October.com
Pink Harvest.com

Anonymous said...

Express Yourself