Monday, October 6, 2008

Pap and Grandma's 50th Anniversary

Ok, so this is Lyssa posting again, its been quite a while but.. I'm back :) along with my terrible spelling haha (it would b worse without spell check;)
anyway, this weekend we (not just my immediate family, but all of my dads brothers, their wives, their kids) did this party thing for my grandparents. it is their 50th anniversary next month and we wanted to surprise them with a party. so somehow my uncles worked it out that they would bring pap and grandma to the lodge and we would all b waiting for them there... i don't know how they did it cuz the lodge was way up in the mountain but they got them there and they were VERY surprised lol soo.... instead of boring u with just telling ya about it.. here's some pics
uhh this is them coming in the drive, i think they thought that they had to drop somethin off or something. (o and i wasn't here for this part but i watched the video.. my pap just sat there in the car with his mouth open, like literally open haha)
cousin Jeremy...
uhh random shot, think their throwin aunts.. and my mom lol I'd list their names and who their married to but i doubt you really care so.. these ladies r married to my dads brothers :)
each of the ladies^^^ made 2 cakes for lunch on Saturday. (i think somebody made 3 but that's beside the point haha)

renewing wedding vows
Garett, hiding behind the video camera. well actually he didn't know i was taking the pic haha
outside on the deck waiting for the little ceremony thing to start
so I'm sitting there cross-legged on the deck... falling asleep.. and i look over and there's this leaf. i took a picture lol
my grandparents && their boys

uhh this would b my family. not nearly all of them, but the 7 boys, their wives, most of their kids and then their children... yeah but we're still missing uhh i think 8 ppl here.
o by the way, there's like.. 40 people in this pic so that's like less than 1/5 of the people that we had up at the lodge
haha all of the kids, grandkids and great grandkids were told to stand in this designated spot while Justin took some pics of.. people lol anyway, Miles Asher got tired of waiting and.. his sense of humor combined with his energy and his anxiousness... i got this picture and some other pretty funny ones.


Fultz Family said...

Hey, you post again, Alyssa. I really enjoyed seeing your dad's family. I even got back online to show Mark. Your family's blogspot has become one of our favorites so you are now on our favorite list. I love seeing how you and your sister and brother have grown up. We always thought very much of your mom and dad and you will never know how much it means to us to see that we were right. You are blessed. Laura

Faith said...

Whoa!! What a celebration you all had! I loved seeing the photos and wished I knew who everybody is and who they belong too. Thanks for posting. :)

Faith said...

Oops, missed a word! Oh well, nobody's grading, are they?! ;) (Don't let Steve see it. He may seek revenge. lol Maybe it was the result of being overwhelmed with all those Stahls! lolol)