Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Frost it Pink

Its official -- I will be naming the online scrapbook store - Frost it Pink -- sooooo....anyone who has ANY suggestions please let me know. For instance....titles for each page of the the page for projects I may call "cafe' " or about us page maybe "sprinkles" -- you get what I'm saying....again, if anyone gives me an idea and I end up using it, I will send a scrapbook goodie your way -- probably something out of the package that wasn't taken for naming the site. (Sarah hasn't told me which set she chose yet!!) So give me some great ideas for my scrapbook site....

I will not be doing anything on an official basis until around Feb. Gotta go get the business license and all that stuff now. Thanks to all who have been a help!


m said...

I love the name "Frost it Pink"
Very cute!

Faith said...

How exciting that you are going to open your business! I enjoy seeing the results of your creativity.