Thursday, October 16, 2008

Renaissance Faire

Ok, we are WAAAAAAAAAAAY behind on posting....last Saturday, the 11th we went to the Renaissance Faire as a field trip with the Cyber School lots of fun!! Above: Standing in front of a "bush" in the shape of a lady.

Trying on hats-- This was like a little village that you could walk through and shop at. We watched glass blowing along with lots of other interesting things. We went here last year and the kids really loved it so we made a day of it again.
The sign above was something Steve said he should buy for Alyssa...she laughs at so much!
This was a really neat show -- we will have to post more pics later! But we had a good time watching Queen Elizabeth, seeing how they trained the eagles and buying 2 baby dragons!! Clayton got these dragons (lizards that change colors) as a souvenir and now we are all hunting for bugs to feed the things.

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