Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Project

Here is one of my newer projects. One of the ladies I work with brought a sample into the store a few weeks back and I really liked it -- I put my own "twist" to it but hey -- don't we all. Its a DVD metal container -- take out the insert and have fun....this paper is so pretty (its double sided and I love it) Sorry the pics are a bit fuzzy!!!
Inside of tin -- notebook, a little "pocket", clip and matching pen. Note top of notepad had piece of paper added as well to make it coordinating -- I had enough paper left from project that I will be able to cover the next several notebooks -- the notebooks have to be cut down to fit!!
Now this is a fuzzy pic but I wanted you to see that the pen was taken apart and paper inserted into it to make it all coordinating. I have already made a few of these for Christmas gifts - kindda different in look -- And no!! I'm not posting those because they have names on the fronts of the tins and then you'll know who they are for. (giggle,snort!)