Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shalene's 13th B-Day party!!

her cake^^ which you have probably already seen pictures of :) ummm.... a pic us... what else to say??Becca Shoemaker and Shalene

Rachel and leen.... Katie and Shalene

Ryan and Chase came with slicked back hair too haha

lol I'm srry Katie.... I had to. It was just too much temptation.

We even got Doug to try the hula hoop haha

Jonathan^^ he has to have his thumbs up when he hula hoops or... he just cant do it lol
Rachel, Katie, and Becca spent the night. On Saturday they did a... craft thingy and games. sooo this is a pic of Shalene and Kate doing their umm i really cant remember what it is called....

all of em with their craft. it was an empty tin DVD case, they took the insides out of it, put a little pocket thingy-ma-jigger, a little notebook and a pen in it... its really cute but we didnt get any pics of the insides :(
next up.... games↓↓↓

bubble gum chewing.... chew 3 peices of gum at once, first person to blow the bubble wins.

haha i like this pic. have you ever blown that paper slip off of the straws you get in restaurants?? thats what they were doing. becca got it all the way across the kitchen haha

lol shes lookin at her straw cross eyed....
Twister ☺
hula hoop contest
and paddle ball


Anonymous said...

Your Birthday party looked awesome,Shalene.Again Happy !3th Birthday and I hope there r many more ahead for u 2 come.P.S.How is it 2 b a TEENAGER? Lorissa

beutifulfamily said...

Looks like a great party! Love the poodle skirt!!!!! cute!!!!!!