Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Bug is Here!!

Well, the bug has arrived at our house. Last night when we arrived at the church for our second night of the Christmas program we encountered many of stories!! It seems that about half of the crew who were characters or back stage workers in the program had been sick Sunday evening into Monday -- and I will admit that when I was walking down the hall I came across a group of guys swapping stories -- you know, kindda like when you swap deer stories -- only this time it was "who had the worse case of sickness!!" UGH. Anyway, it was a bit funny as the stories emerged -- Many were wondering if it had been food poisoning from something we had all eaten during one of our meals between practice.

Well, I don't know what it is but my three kids have it today. Shalene woke up with the bug, then Alyssa this afternoon and as Steve was preparing to leave for the last and final night of the program Clayton mentioned that he wasn't feeling so well. Steve said he was leaving him since he didn't want to get to the church (Steve sings in the program) and have to turn around with a sick fellow. Well, that was a smart decision because probably 5 minutes after he shut the door I heard Clayton in the bathroom......he has it too......and my belly isn't doing so hot either!! So, tonight they are two angels short (Shalene and one of the other girls are sick), a Magi attendant is missing (Clayton) a city person (Lyssa) and the costume lady (me) are all out -- now they found people to fill in for us since it isn't any HUGE part in the program but it just adds to the day!!!

Needless to say, I hope our sick stories don't beat the ones the guys were sharing last night in the hall!!!

(you can read Shari's version of the bug here)

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