Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Season - BUSY!!

Today (this morning at 9:00) a group of people from our church gathered and made the candy packages (we always pass out bags of candy to the church family for Christmas) we did over 400 bags of candy. We also put together fruit baskets for our shut-ins -- we will go caroling on Wednesday evening and pass these baskets out. (made 60 baskets!!) We were able to get everything finished up by 11:00!! Above pic is a view of the assembly line -- some open the bag liner and it starts down the row. We then toss in the correct amount of candy and it ends up at the end (Where you see Clayton in the hat) we will fold and staple the bags. Then count and put into boxes to take to the church and hand out this Sunday!

Christmas program at our church - this was taken during dress rehersal - but you get the idea. See Clayton kneeling holding the purple robe!! What a cutie.

Don't you love the hair styles!! This story was in the future so we did some different things with hair. Our entire family was involved this year with the program -- I did costumes with Alyssa helping. Shalene is an angel, Steve sings, Clayton is the eunich and Alyssa plays a city person in the future scene. I also get to help in the back with running and making sure everyone is in place during the program. Its fun but you get tierd!! We had a packed church last night -- probably around 450 or more people -- haven't heard the official count. We will be doing the program tonight and tomorrow yet.

Sunday School Program: (below) Clayton and Reuben performing in their Sunday School program this past Sunday morning.

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