Friday, December 19, 2008

The Bug Part 2

Okay, so the bug that has been at our house is NOT as cute as the one in the picture. This bug seems to have a made a mass movement throughout our entire church. So much so that it appears many are facing round two!!! I'm very WORRIED about attending church this Sunday just because I am fearful of "the bug" again. Lysol and Lysol wipes have been a constant companion of mine for the past several days!! We have washed so many blankets, scrubbed bathrooms and sprayed doorknobs that we are smelling VERY clean around here. Steve is the only one that has survived through this ordeal and appears to be healthy. It appears that once you think you have survived the bug you will suffer for several days with belly cramps and "sick" feelings for awhile.

I am now hearing stories of others who do not attend our church but attend the school that many of Beavertowns kids it is spreading....Maybe we will wear masks (like the one above) to church this Sunday to avoid "THE BUG"
Now, we had it BAD but this story posted by Gwen is REALLY bad!!!

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