Friday, December 19, 2008


Here is our nativity with our countdown in the background -- its really hard to believe we only have 6 more days! We have been doing the advent deal along with the countdown which has added to some fun. Each day they change the countdown, run to get there tiny box for the 12 days of Christmas and open there small gifts. Its been fun! Sometimes the little gifts are the best!
Today we had a snow/ice storm so I didn't go to work. It was a perfect day to finish up on my Christmas baking. Since Alyssa needed 3 dozen cookies for Sunday School (Picture in middle is what she is taking -- have to add the reese cup cookies and the pumpkin roll yet) I recruited her to help out with the rest of the stuff!! Always like helpers!! (I mean come on, she was taking some of it to Sunday School!)
We plan to visit my parents in South Carolina for the holidays. I'm told its in the 70's today!!! But will be in the 40's when we get there. Mom called today making the statement that she was worried that her butter would melt in the car (she went to the grocery and then to work, so she was leaving groceries in her car) Told her I didn't feel one bit sorry for her -- as I looked out the window and saw the ice "gushing" from the skies on top of the snow that had already fallen.(in HUGE flakes, by the way) Anyway, I always try to take a bunch of cookies with me when we go for the holidays!
Well, I have proof (the pictures) of the cookies being in my house. We will see how long they last!

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