Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Free Schick trimmer here

Click here for a sample of Glade force trashbags

Here Aquaphor Healing Ointment protects dry, cracked or irritated skin

OB carry case

Loose Tea

Mechanical pencil here

For a 3.00 coupon on Ziploc Big Bags

10 free issues of Nylon Mag -- I've never seen this Mag so I'm not real sure about this one!

Free Sample Pack of Anti-Aging Formula

Let me know if you find any!! You can post info on the comments or send me an email!!!


Alyssa said...

Amy, I love all your free stuff. Even if nobody else reads these, I do. It has been great to order the free stuff....especially since I am at college. So keep posting them...

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Sharon. I found your blog through my daughter Tricia. Thanks for posting all the free stuff. I appreciate it. Keep posting!

Clint and Debbie said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks for all the free links! I was able to get 2 blouses! I didn't try for more, but I know 3 or 4 people that kept trying and got 8 - 10 free blouses! Keep up the good work! Thanks for the CVS info and help. This has been fun!!

Love Mom