Thursday, February 26, 2009


Alyssa turned 16 today!!! Hard to believe but she is....WOW, time flies!
Shalene played "Happy Birthday" to her while she opened her presents as well as this morning when we woke her up. Made her potatoe & eggs with cheese for breakfast (thats what she wanted) then I had to go to work so Shalene made chicken enchilladas and corn cake for supper (Alyssa's all time fav. meal) and then NO cake but dirt dessert.

Yes, thats a PSP

Steve brought home roses for the birthday girl.


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl, Happy 16th birthday. I hope u had a wonderful b-day. Ur so lucky to be treated like royalty on ur b-day I barely ever get that.(lol)Best wishes for many more Birthdays to come.

Carole B. said...

Happy Birthday Lyssa! Sounds like you had a great day.


Mark & Laura Fultz said...

Amy, Have you checked the mirror lately. Yeah, I know. I shouldn't be so cruel, but when they get older, we are too. (Unfortunately)
What a beautiful person you've become, A. and your family wouldn't be the same without you. And roses from Dad?!?!?!?!WOW! How special! And impressive, Steve!

tacomom said...

Happy Sweet 16, Alyssa! (is she the oldest?)

Stahl Family said...

Yes, Alyssa is my driving practice will soon begin!