Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Clayton!!!

Clayton turned 9 today!!! WOW, my baby is 9 years old. I've been calling him Clayton long legger!! SO hard to believe that times goes so fast. Now, grant it, I"m not getting any older!! We plan to have a party on Friday evening with friends and family. However, Clayton felt that he should be able to open his gifts from us today. Daddy brought him a hammer home today! Clayton has his own tool box and pouch and loves to go to work with Steve whenever he can get a chance.

Life on the farm -- he plays this with his cousins so now he has his own.

Caught him blowing out the candle. We had brownies today....but Friday we have a John Deere cake ordered from Gwen (she did Shalene's beautiful cake!) Anyway, he does have a real cake coming.

Can you tell the boy likes CARS??? He has been collecting these for awhile....we happened to be at Target one day and he realized that they had TONS that he didn't own

Gotta get the boy some cologne -- he LOVES to smell good.
He also got Webkins from Papal & Grandma Spangler.

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David and Terri said...

Hope Clayton was feeling better for his big day!