Saturday, March 7, 2009

Clayton & Alyssa -- Celebration

Clayton knew we were having a party for him -- BUT, Alyssa didn't know that we were going to suprise her at the same time. She had just gone out to feed the dogs when some of her friends arrived, they hid in the room and we snuck her cake out -- here she is when she realizes that the party is for her too.

Gwen did an awesome job on the cakes!!! The kids loved em

Opening Gifts....Steve had cleaned the garage out and we had tables set up out there for games and fun.

Clayton had gotten a "scientific" kit where they hunted for "gems" -- here he is with Weston, Reuben and Zach trying to find the treasures.

Zach, Clayton & Reuben

Erica, Phoebe, Alyssa & Sofia

Some of the crew... They ended up playing man hunt, air hocky and lots of LOUD games!

Johnathan concentrating on "blockus" -- WE had a little calmer games going on inside.

We had right around 40 people show up -- Thanks to all who helped Alyssa and Clayton celebrate their birthdays.


Mark & Laura Fultz said...

Definitely GREAT cakes. That woman is truly gifted. Love watching your wonderful family.
Happy Birthday, Guys!

Boog said...

So very glad that your kids loved the cakes...I was nervous!!! LOL!