Sunday, August 16, 2009

Busy Summertime

It seems like everytime I turn around we are running one way or the other this summer. We have delivered so many dogs, stayed busy with church missions trip, camp and activities. Traveled to visit my family. Ran to violin and piano lessons and all of that good stuff. Now, I'm not complaining!! I'd rather be busy than bored.....However, I am one that enjoys a bit of a schedule and so I'm hoping that we will have one soon -- or at least a semblance of a schedule. School starts back up on the we cyber the kids are still here but with a schedule of when they have to be in their classes since they are online and live!!! And maybe, just maybe, I may get caught up on things. I need to can beans and tomatoes this week and I'm hoping to get some corn.

This past Saturday we had a party for my pre-teen Sunday School class here at the house....and guess what? No pictures!! UGH!!! I'm behind. After the party I had to dart out to deliver another puppy about 1 1/2 hours away...Alyssa had Phoebe spend the evening so she traveled with us....after delivering the puppy we stopped at a are a few snaps of Phoebe & Alyssa shopping. This were NOT boring with those two!

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