Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tomatoes & Corn -- What a Day

Today we worked on freezing corn (almost 300 ears) and making some spaghetti sauce. The corn we bought -- got a deal and paid 1.50 a dozen -- at least I think its a deal for us in PA. The tomatoes were grown in our garden.

Alyssa and Clayton had fun using the squeezo to make the sauce. Seems to be a fun "tool" to use - squeezing all those tomatoes and peppers through the sieve!!

And of coarse we need sugar to add to the corn before freezing it!!! I use a recipe that I use ice water, salt and sugar before freezing!! YUM
I think you can tell by the pic that Clayton LOVES sugar.

The next several photos would be the evidence of the work we did. We were working on this till around 9:30 p.m. but it sure is a great feeling to have stuff stocked up -- Nothing like frozen corn in the winter.....that was fresh out of the garden.

I really love to smell the sauce as we work on this. Here it is in the beginning stages!! Lots of peppers and onions. Later more seasons are added. UGH - by the photo you can see that I need to clean the oven!! Something else to get accomplished.

I'd like to do a bit more corn as well as green beans. I'm also gonna try "bread in a jar" -- I'll let you know how that works since I've never done it but have several recipes to give it a try.

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