Monday, August 31, 2009

Green Beans

Green Beans and More Green Beans!!! My SIL was nice enough to let me pick beans from her garden since I didn't get many from mine. This is the second time that hers has produced and so I didn't know if I'd get many or not. Well, I ended up with 40 quarts of beans and 12 pints of dilly beans. We picked Sat. and than this morning as well...than we snapped, stuffed jars and canned...I'm so sick of seeing green!! But I'll be thrilled when its cold outside and I have the awesome taste of home canned greenbeans...there is no comparison to storebought!! YUCK!!!

So, while I'm in the process of doing beans my other SIL stops by and wants to know if I want some pears...Shalene is in the background snapping beans, no, no pears!!! Giggle, Steve said YES, we'll take em. So, I'm thanking the Lord for sending all this free food along our way -- even if I'm dragging at the moment.

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