Monday, August 31, 2009

Update on Steve's Eye

Here is an update of how Steve is doing with the eye situation....first, as I type he is at the Geisinger Hospital (His brother took him today since the kids start cyber school today) so back to the tale....he is seeing a specialist today. I guess there is only a handful of specialists for this problem in the entire nation and we are blessed to have one about an hour away.
When he went to the doctor last week it shows that both eyes are having problems but the left eye is really bad. He struggles quite a bit right now so hopefully they can do something. The first doctor does not think that he will need surgery...meds and drops possibly. But he wanted the specialist to check and determine for sure. I guess that inside your eye you have a spot that is to be dipped in and his bows out with lots of swelling and such. They have a HUGE list of things that could have caused this and we may never know what triggered the problem.
So please continue to pray and I'll let you know what happens today.
Thanks so much to all of you who have asked about Steve and are praying. This is a blessing to know that others care.....and I know that God can heal him if it is His will.
Well, Steve has gotten home and it appears that it is still undecided as to what needs to be done...he had some blood work and tests done today and he is to go back to Geisinger Friday to find out what the results are and what they think the coarse of action should be.
Keep Praying

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