Monday, October 19, 2009


Update on Steve and his eye situation:
In order to find out what is causing the uvitis in Steves eyes (remember I mentioned he had a cortizone shot in the one eye - that eye is doing some better and it is now in the other eye. However, the shots can lead to problems in the future so we are a bit worried about that as well) The doctors have to find out what virus or problem the patient has - treat that - and hope it takes care of the uvitis. So they have run a few tests on Steve and have found that he has
Sarcoidosis. This is a problem in his lungs. He will be scheduled for an test of his lungs to see what all is going on. Part of having sarcoidosis is that you get an itchy rash with it....which Steve has recently broke out with. So add that discomfort to all of the stuff happening!!!
In the mean time please continue to pray for Steve and that the doctors will have wisdom.

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