Monday, October 19, 2009


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Wanted to share a story with everyone. A HUGE blessing from God!
The PA Cyber School that the kids attend planned a field trip to the Renaissance Faire (about 2 hours from us). Each of the kids invited a friend to come with them...and off we went. Now we have been there the past 2 years and the kids really love this so they were very excited, as well as their guests. However, when we arrived to the place we were informed that due to incliment weather it was cancelled. (it said reign or shine - it was raining - we had our tickets bought - over $100 and we figured we needed to cash them in -- we were informed we could come back a different weekend. UGH, my weekends are full)
So, here we are with all of the "kids" in the van and we figured after making the drive we needed to do something. So I mentioned going to Lancaster, Pa and see if we could get in at Sight & Sound. We really didn't have the money for this but we needed to do something that would appeal to the age difference. We arrived at Sight & Sound and our visitors were thrilled (none of the 3 had ever been there) Sight & Sound Theatres
We walk in at around 12:30 the next show starts at 1:00 , we were taking a huge chance to be able to get seats, but we figured it was worth a try- Steve approached the ticket counter and asks if there are any seats available. NONE - ZILCH - totally sold out for the 1:00 show, but they had 3 spots for the 4:15 show....well we had 8 people and that wans't gonna work. So the lady gave us a brochure of things we could do in Lancaster and informed us of a dinner theatre that was nice. So we all stood there looking through the brochure, taking potty breaks and the kids decided that since we were there they would at least buy some of the awesome almonds that they sell at Sight & Sound. Again Steve went up to the lady and asked, " Do you ever have cancellations?" Sometimes she said, but usually only one or 2 seats.
We were there 10 -15 minutes when the lady at the ticket booth called Steve over again. She said that she had checked the "blessing" box and found 8 tickets - all in a row - Now the blessing box was this: If you purchase tickets ahead, you can cancel but it has to be within a certain time frame...after that you do not get your money refunded. However, some people can not make it and hand in their tickets to be used for someone else....even though they don't get the money refunded to them. The Sight & Sound people will then give those tickets out as a blessing to someone else. So she hands us 8 tickets and says "these are yours at no charge!"
Oh my, we couldn't believe it. This was over $200 worth of tickets and we were to pay nothing. And we all got to sit together. I must say that this was a HUGE Miracle/Blessing sent from GOD,.
Check this link out it shows some of what you would see if you would attend....I highly recommend this to you!
So we were all able to attend the story of "In the Beginning" This was wonderful and it showed us that God saw us and cared.

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