Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back Home

This is how Clayton was feeling when Shalene was away. He was so sweet...when Steve arrived at the hospital with her bag of jammies and blanket, etc. we found notes stashed throughout all of her stuff. There was even a note taped to the corner of her blanket!!! Such a sweetie.
And this is how He looked once we arrived home....his playmate is home.
Below is what we came home to. Ugh, I must admit that we are feeling a bit overwhelmed. However, the Lord has been with us through this whole ordeal. The first evening in the hospital was very difficult...her IV was in a very uncomfortable spot (her veins would hide) she was having a lot of pain that evening. We prayed together and the Lord filled the room with his presence. Shalene commented about God being there to help her. Shortly after that she had complete relief.
We are told that if we'd have waited another day to bring her in she would have been in the ICU and taken longer to be discharged...so though we are learning we are thankful things are not worse.

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