Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Doing Better

Isn't this the cutest!!!! An arrangement that looks like a sundae...Shalene says that it makes her hungry!!! Its so cute.

Shalene is doing better!!!! Some of her tests are coming back better and Shalene is feeling a bit more encouraged. She has enjoyed the flowers and all the wonderful things that have been sent her way. Many visitors have stoped by and encouraged her.....
They have been wonderful here at the hospital-- the nurses are great and the staff has gone above and beyond with helping us. Shalene will probably be getting at min. of 4 insulin shots a day so life will be taking a big change at our house. (When she first arrived she was getting insulin shots every 2 hours so she is thrilled that that has stopped) The Lord has really been good to us through this whole ordeal and we have seen the Lord working in all things.

Thank you to all who have visted, called, sent flowers and most importantly prayed for Shalene. We do ask that you continue to pray for her as life will not be the same as it had been......things will change and it will take awhile to adjust but I'm sure the Lord will help.

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