Monday, January 18, 2010

Farm Show

Reuben and Clayton enjoying the animals.

Clayton and Reuben LOVED to walk through and get all of the food samples....below is Clayton expressing how much he enjoyed the food.

Here is a view of the arena....I think they said about 6,000 were there for the jr. rodeo. Below are pictures that I had to zoom in ALL the way across the you can tell Shalene and Alyssa went off with friends and didn't hang around mom and dad.

Stephanie, Katie and Shalene....blurred because they were all the was across the arena.

John, Alyssa and Phoebe.

Okay, so its blurry but I had to have a little fun...and pink ALL the way.
For those of you who did not is the butter sculpture. 1,000 pounds of butter -- 10 days to scuplt...will be processed into fuel.

(Okay Tom, hope this is updated for ya!!!)

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