Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti Missions

Update: Jan 24th -- Here is another blog that you can look at for more photos of the team and what they are accomplishing. There were 2 teams sent out so the photos have some of all of them in. Continue to pray for strength and wisdom for the workers and especially the missionaries who will still be there once our teams leave. Shalene, Alyssa, Phoebe, Stephanie and Sofia worked on getting the baby supplies together....formula, diapers, meds and stuffed animals.

Here is one of the crates Valerie and I compiled....IV Drips, surgical tools, gloves, and lots of surgical items...

Dr. Slaves is one of those going on the trip. Along with Meagan and Matt from our church. Several other local God's Missionary Church nurses will be attending.

Tried compiling the pills (you know all that open space at the top of each bottle) that way we could toss several bottles and make more room.

Rows of supplies....needles, meds, IV's, gloves, etc.

Members of our congregation are joining the medical team that heads to Haiti tomorrow.

The God's Missionary Church has sent several medical groups to assisit the GMC missionary that is in Haiti.

Tonight a group of us (Shalene, Alyssa and Amy among lots of others) gathered and helped package over 30 crates of medical supplies and items to ship out with this group ....thanks to many who donated supplies and helped in this.

You can see updates on the mission trip and what is going on here.

Please pray for safety for our team that goes as well as wisdom and strength.

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