Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Okay - so for Alyssas birthday (end of Feb.) she didn't want me to get her any gifts. She wanted me to take her to the thrift shops in Harrisburg. We have a cirlce we make and usually can hit 4 stores - however, we ended up having to skip one because we got a later start. We did eat lunch at Red Lobster and supper at Chuckie Cheese.....
The first thrift store we hit was the one that has bins that you dig through (forgot to take my camera with me!!!) anyway, everything is .75 cents. Lyssa found 31 things there at a total of 23.25....not a bad price for Aeropostale, Express, American Eagle and Gap stuff. We than had lunch and headed to the next two. She found skeetchers lights for $5.00 -- they look NEW.....as well as a shirt from Julicy Coutour and many other great brand names.

I found a few things for the rest of us but the main thing was to spend her birthday money. The picture with the garbage bag.....that is the bag she got at the bins!!!!! In all Alyssa ended up with 18 skirts, 21 shirts/tops, Skeetcher, Clarks shoes, books and some heart cake pans -- spending a little over $60....not bad!!! Not bad at all


Clint and Debbie said...

Way to go Lyssa! You certainly look like you had a wonderful day!

Love ya! Mammal

Carole said...

Wow! Looks like Alyssa hit the pay load! Way to go!!!