Friday, March 12, 2010

Cake Decorating - 2

Shalene and I survived our 2nd cake decorating class. That poor teacher seems to have a wonderful gift of patience!!!! (there are 4 other girls Shalenes age and 4 other ladies in the class)

We learned to transfer a pattern and some basics with that. Shalen and Ihad such a problem with our was too thick!!! (LONG and I mean LONG story!!! Lets just say that the first batch Shalene made -- well she didn't read the directions correctly and added a "bit" too much water -- we tried to thicken it but it kindda ran off her cake. So we did another batch -- this batch worked but we didn't realize that we were to make some thinner icing as well for the decorating part -- we had a mess at class (we weren't the only ones, thankfully)

So, between the icing and a BAD package of "bags" that kept breaking!!! The teacher told us to contact the company because something was wrong -- I first thought it was the "person "--ummmmm ME -- that was filling the bags and cutting the tips who was messing up.........but when the bags started having stuff ooooozzzzzzzing out the sides of the bag in little squirts, I realized it wasn't me. SO we did get our cake accomplished.....and we started learning to create rose...NO, the ones above are NOT mine. I'm a beginner you must remember that. Mine DID NOT look like the ones above, but I can always dream.

Hopefully my brain will remember to take my camera next week and take some photos. 2 more classes in this beginners and than we get to move to the 2nd class.

I must say, I'm enjoying my time learning and spending it with my precious daughter Shalene. Its always nice to have one on one time with my kids.


Carole said...

Yes, take the camera!

Anonymous said...

yea - when i worked at Country Cupboard - i tried to do some cake decorating. neeless to say Todd booted me out of the bakery. :) i cannot make roses. tried and tried and tried. and failed and failed and failed. :)
good luck!
have a good day! :) renae