Monday, March 29, 2010

Clayton Is Home!!!

Thank the Lord Clayton is now home.....he is not to be "active" for 2 weeks and will go back in for a check up than.....Thankfully he did not have to have any
surgery and the swelling on his colon appears to be going down!
Poor little guy, he had so many blood tests done, iv for fluids since he couldn't
eat or drink -- wasn't allowed to walk around so he had
some legs wraps that would "massage" his legs every now and than...monitors stuck
all over him -- Ugh
he was a bit hooked up there for awhile. But I must say
I'm proud of him. He didn't complain or fuss, he just said he knew
it was for his own good.
The poor little guy hadn't eaten from Friday evening until this evening (Monday) -- he
had seen the commercial while in the hospital advertising the new
burger at Burger King -- He made sure we stopped on the way home to get one.
Says it tasted better than he exprected.
Thanks to all who have prayed, visited and sent good well wishes. Clayton
mentioned that getting those balloons and things really
helped him to feel cheerful

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